Hatch Green Chile Chicken Corn Chowder
Homegrown certified Hatch Green Chiles. Seeds from Sandia Seed Co. Or use frozen or canned chiles.
To a 5qt pot add butter, oil, chopped onion.
Add garlic, chopped red & green peppers, oregano, salt & pepper.
Add flour & chicken or veggie broth. Simmer, scraping bottom of the pan.
Add cooked shredded chicken, roasted Hatch chile, and corn.
Add whole milk (or cream, or 1/2 & 1/2). Taste for seasoning.
Important step: turn off the heat & add cheese gradually, stirring after each addition.
Serve & top with cheese and cilantro if desired.
Heats up beautifully the next day... almost better! Get the full recipe at A Food Lover’s Life.
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