Hatch Green Chile Relleno Casserole
Find Hatch chiles, fresh or frozen, or canned. We grow certified Hatch with seeds from Sandia Seed.
Egg mixture: Milk • Eggs • Oregano • Salt • Pepper • Flour. Minimal ingred to let the Hatch shine.
Greased 9x13 or seasoned cast iron. Layer in Hatch chiles. We use Hatch Mild, Big Jim, Joe Parker.
Sprinkle with Monterrey Jack & Cheddar. Pour over 1/2 of egg mixture.
Another layer Hatch chile & egg mix. Scoville for my Relleno casserole is mild to med. 3500 or so.
Top with cheese. Leave spaces to see the chile. The red is Hatch Medium Red variety. So pretty.
Bake 350f for 30-40 min or until bubbly and cheese is golden brown.
Allow to cool slightly. This is supposed to serve 8 but everyone has 2nds so I make 2 at a time.
For more Hatch recipes & garden to table dishes visit me at A Food Lover’s Life. Enjoy!!