Haunted Paper Plate Pumpkin Patch - Kid Craft
Supplies: paper plate, paint crayon, marker, cardstock, scissors, glue, stapler and stickers
First paint your paper plate completely black. Set aside.
Next up - trace your child's hand on some white cardstock paper.
Trim out the traced design.
Using the same marker, draw on mouths and eyes on each fingertip to make ghosts.
Next cut out a circular moon shape and a long rectangle piece for the dirt, out of cardstock.
Now staple the handprint and brown cardstock piece to the paper plate.
Next glue the moon in place.
The last step is to add the stickers to tie the theme together!
Now admire your frightfully good haunted pumpkin patch and display it proudly!
Don't forget to share pictures with us when you complete this craft!
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