Have Your Dream Santorini Trip On A Budget!
Hi I’m Kirsten! I’m going to share how you can have your dream Santorini trip even on a budget.
Of course this is for reference when it is safe to do so! But it never hurts to plan ahead 🤗
Visiting Santorini on a budget is completely possible. I’ve done it! Here are my top tips:
Book your flights and hotels far in advance! Prices always rise closer to the travel dates
Book your flight into Athens, not directly to Santorini. You can book a smaller flight from Athens.
Stay in Fira not Oia. It’s much cheaper and you will save hundreds on accommodations!
Valley Suites is a great option in Fira. We had a huge 2 bedroom suite with a private pool!
You can make day trips to Oia from Fira. Rent a car or take the bus between Fira and Oia for 1.60€
Avoid restaurants and bars in Oia. Pack lunches and have your dinners in Fira where it’s cheaper.
Gyros and street food are another super affordable option for lunches. You’ll pay less than 5 Euros!
Instead of drinking in bars purchase wine at the grocery store for a fraction of the cost!
Plan free or low cost activities to do while you’re there! Here are some great examples:
Wander around the villages of Oia and Fira at your own pace. It’s fun to explore on foot! (FREE)
Hike the trail from Fira to Oia. You’ll get to see tons of the island and it’s great exercise (FREE)
Visit some of Santorini’s famous beaches! (FREE)
Watch the sunset at the Byzantine castle ruins in Oia (FREE)
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