16 Healthy Dessert Recipes for the New Year
A New Year’s resolution to eat healthier doesn’t mean giving up desserts! Here are 15 healthy dessert recipes to enjoy in 2021.
Enjoy a Chocolate Brownie Skillet that is sugar free and covered in delicious figs!
Spice up your dessert with some healthy homemade donuts! This Peanut Butter and Chocolate Donut recipe is delicious and gluten free!
Nothing is better than a mug cake! This chocolate mug cake is healthier than most because it is low carb.
Love bundt cake? Then this Gluten Free Pumpkin Bundt Cake recipe is for you!
This sweet recipe combines two delectable desserts - cookies AND brownies. These Brown Butter Brownie Cookies are tasty and gluten free!
In 2021, satisfy your chocolate craving with a healthier recipe! Try making these easy Raw Chocolates.
Who didn’t love Dunkaroos growing up? Recreate this amazing snack by following this Skinny Dunkaroo Dip recipe (that is also Sugar-Free!).
Love carrot cake? Try making them as healthier scones instead! These Carrot Cake Scones taste just like the cake and are gluten free.
Brownies, but make them paleo. Follow this recipe for the BEST Paleo Brownies!
Enjoy a healthier batch of cookies by making these Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies!
Eating healthier doesn’t mean giving up your favorite candies! These Twix Bars are homemade and paleo.
For a healthier donut recipe: make sure you’re baking them instead of frying them! These Double Chocolate Glazed Donuts are baked and gluten free.
Trying a grain free diet? Then these Birthday Cake Cookies are for you! They’re adorable and grain free.
Make sure your new year is poppin with healthy popsicles! These homemade Banana Popsicles are sugar free and made with Sunbutter.
For the chocolate lover: Bourbon Brownies that are vegan and sugar free.
Nothing is better than fresh Oatmeal Cookies! This cookie recipe is made with strawberries and sugar free.
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