5 Heart Drawings to Mix and Match for Valentines
Gather your watercolor and calligraphy supplies.
The ideas can be endless, but we'll start with five watercolor backgrounds. Then, we'll add five heart drawings.
Green and blue blended heart. While the blue and green are still wet, gently paint the two colors together.
Moving pink heart. Paint a heart shape. Then use your brush to make wisps off the side like it's moving.
Pink offset heart. Paint one side larger than the other.
Pink half heart. Swipe paint across half of a heart shape.
Blue heart with fade. Paint the top half of a heart. Then use your brush to drag some of the paint down, allowing it to fade.
Let's add some heart drawings with a calligraphy pen. Here are some ideas.
1. Heart with a loop. Make the downstrokes thick and the upstrokes thin.
2. Open sided heart. Hint: If you run out of ink, just load your nib and go over it again.
3. Offset heart. This design has thick strokes on all the long sides.
4. Broken and uneven heart. Hint: If your nib catches, sometimes it helps to change direction (pull it lightly down instead of pushing it up).
5. Flourished heart. This one might take some practice. Remember, you can use a pencil first and erase the lines later.
And you're finished!
Or try a few new combinations. Mix and match the drawings and backgrounds.
Find new tutorials (with extra hints) mixing watercolor and calligraphy every other week on The Painted Pen blog www.joannegroff.com/blog
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