Hearts Align Quilt Tutorial
Grab your layer cake, ruler, and rotary cutter.
Cut your entire layer cake in to (84) 5” x 10” rectangles.
Choose 7 rectangles for each heart and 5 for the background. Make 6 blocks total. You should have 12 leftover rectangles for the side fillers.
Place your heart rectangles how you like and cut one in to (2) 5” squares.
Choose two background rectangles to stay whole and cut the remaining three in to (6) 5” squares.
Mark a line from corner to corner on the back side of all of your 5” squares.
Trim all of your rectangles down to 5” x 9.5” by taking a half inch off one side.
Ugh! Your points won’t match like this if you forget to trim your rectangles down to 5” x 9.5”. Seam ripper here I come. 😉
You are ready to sew up your heart block! Place all your squares RST with your rectangles. Stitch directly on the lines. Trim away excess and press.
Trim your 12 filler rectangles down to 5” x 9.5” by taking a half inch off of one side.
Make five more heart blocks for a total of six.
Now add in your side rectangles and sew it all together.
Your Hearts Align quilt top is complete! Measures 45” x 54”
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