Heat Of The Desert🏜 Part #5 - E2MOM 10min
The final part of the “Desert” series. Here you’ll go through the 10min E2MOM. You’ve got 5 exercises to be completed in 2min time cap x 5 rounds 🌵
Get your timer ready. Once you complete below, rest remaining time of 2min: 10xSandy Frog, 10xGazelle Squats, 5xFire Rows, 5xSnake Press on each side
10 x Sandy Frogs. That’s a high plank into squat curl
10 x Gazelle Squats. That’s a squat jump followed by the squat thruster
5 x Fire Rows. That’s 2 plank rows into the tuck jump
5 x Snake Press. That’s a lunge into shoulder press on your right
Now repeat........ 5 x Snake Press on your left
2min blocks x 5 =10min work. Well done on completing this workout and all the desert series 🏜 🌵 🐪
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