Heat Of The Desert🏜 Part #2 - Two Rounds To Time
In this short workout you will experience a “Full Body Oasis”. You have 5 exercises and 2 rounds on each one to be completed with no rest😎
20 Squat into Calf Raise 10 Bent Row into Lateral Raise 20 Cossack Squat into S.L. Overhead Press 10 Triple Delt Raise 20 Snatch into 2 x Push Press
20 x Squat Into Calf Raise. Perform a deep squat pulse at the bottom and a heel raise on the top
10 x Bent over Row into Lateral Raise. Keep your chest parallel to floor and back straight on bent row and shoulders down on raise. Row&Raise =1rep
20 x Cossack Squat into Single Leg Overhead Press. Keep your core tight in order to maintain the balance on the press. Perform 10 reps on your right
Then... 10 reps on your left. Make sure your opposite leg is always straight
10 x Triple Delt Raises. Keep the arms relatively straight, but elbows soft. You are working your shoulder from front,side and back. 3 raises = 1rep
20 x Snatch into two push press. Drive your hips forward forcefully to snatch the weight overhead, then perform 2 x push press on the top
10 reps on your right then 10 reps on your left. Make sure your elbow is straight at the end of each movement. Snatch+2Push Press = 1Rep
🤞 😉 Good Luck
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