Heat Of The Desert 🏜 Part #3 - 10min AMRAP
This is your 10min challenge. You have 4 exercises and your aim is to complete as many rounds as you can in this 10min AMRAP. Don't forget to buy out!
12 x Jump Over KB, 6 x Squat and Curl, 12 x Burpee over KB, 6 x KB Throw. Buy Out: OH Walking Lunges
12 x Jump Over Kettlebell
6 x Squat and Curl
12 x Burpee over Kettlebell
6 x Kettlebell Throw. Just like on a kettlebell swing, generate the power with your hip in order to swing the weight all the way overhead
Buy Out: Overhead Walking Lunges to the steepest dune around🏜😎 This is done once the clock hits 10min
The back garden or a spacious park could be a good alternative to the desert. Highly recommended not to do this at home 😝
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