9 Hidden Gems In New York You Must Visit!
Also known as Indian Cave. This cave was discovered in the early 1990s and was the most popular spot
See a part of the Berlin Wall
This city of wall was donated to Manhattan's Battery Park by the city of Berlin
Visit the Old City Hall Station
The first subway in NYC departed from this small yet lovely station
Take the Pomander Walk
If you want to see a different side of New York, head to upper-West side and prepare for a surprise
Visit Smallpox Hospital on Roosevelt Island
If you're a fan of Gothic architecture this place should be on your list
Discover Staten Island's Boat Graveyard
This location is a bit off the beaten tracks but it provides an eerie thrill
Visit Calvert Vaux Cove
If you like abandoned places thise site should be on your list
Visit seals of Swinburne Island
Built in 19th century as a hospital for immigrants today more than 100 seals call it a home
Visit the oldest Subway Tunnel
This Oldest Subway tunnel in the world. Built in 1844 but abandoned and forgotten by everyone