Homemade Bread🍞 Gluten Free/Dairy Free
To make sure the yeast is alive: add the GF instant yeast to the warm water, stir and leave it for 5 mins. It should become foamy
Meanwhile whisk well the GF flour, sugar, BP and salt
When the yeast mix is a bit foamy, add the egg, oil & lemon zest/vanilla and whisk well
Add the wet ingredients to the dry ones, and mix well until all is incorporated
The dough should be sticky and a bit wet, not dry! Cover and place in the fridge OVERNIGHT for better results
After leaving the dough to rest in the fridge overnight👌🏼
Place the sticky dough in a prepared baking pan. Bake on medium heat not on high heat! for 25-30 mins until golden brown on top
Enjoy with savory or sweet toppings❤️ So soft and delicious!
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