Homemade Lemon Caramel
You need: unwaxed lemon, double cream, sugar, butter, salt
Heat the cream with the lemon peel then rest for 30 minutes to infuse. Strain.
Pour the sugar into a saucepan in an even layer and put on a gentle heat for the sugar to melt.
Try not to stir.
If the sugar is melting unevenly then give the pan a gentle shake.
Watch carefully. The sugar should melt and turn a golden brown.
Once all the sugar has melted or has reached this dark golden tan colour then you need to add the cream and butter.
Pour in the lemon infused cream and butter.
You can now stir.
Once the caramel is smooth and thick then add the salt and remove from the heat.
Rest for 20 minutes for it to become a perfect thick pouring consistency.
Enjoy with pancakes, cakes, ice cream, popcorn, custard, pie, milkshakes, hot chocolate, porridge, shortbread, pavlova...
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