Hot Chocolate Bombs
Shave/Chop 16oz of semi-sweet chocolate finely and add to large silicone prep bowl.
Microwave for 30 seconds and stir well. Heat in 10 second intervals until fully melted. Heat slowly and make sure temp doesn’t rise over 90 F.
If it does go over that’s ok, stir in extra chocolate to bring temp down. You might have to microwave an additional 5-10 seconds to re-melt it.
Take tempered chocolate & a 1” cake decorating brush or paint brush and brush an even layer in the silicone mold. Chill for 5 mins and repeat 3X.
Once all layers are built and chilled pop the hardened chocolate out of the molds. Turn the mold upside down to use as a stand to hold up bomb halves.
Add 3 tbsp of hot cocoa mix and a handful of mini marshmallows to the bottoms of the bombs. You can use an assortment of toppings, get creative!
Take a torch and heat the bottom side of a cake or pie pan. Take tops of bombs and melt edges on the pan then press to secure on bomb bottoms.
After seams have set and are secure, drizzle some colored white chocolate over the tops. You could leave them plain or use sprinkles as well.
Now time to try!! Add a bomb to a coffee mug and heat 8oz of milk.
Pour milk over bomb and let it melt. Stir well to combine everything and enjoy! 😋🔥🍫💣
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