24 Hours in Yosemite During Fall 🇺🇸
Beat the summer crowds, breathe the crisp autumn air, and celebrate Yosemite’s birthday on September 30! 🍁🍃
Why visit during autumn? The summer brings about wildfires, impacting trips. Vehicle entrance into the park is $35, valid for 7 days.
You can stay either in Yosemite Valley or outside the park in Bass Lake or Oakhurst. We stayed at a chalet at the Pines Resort.
Bass Lake also has canoe and hiking activities, as well as a nice market to gather groceries if you need food for the day in the park.
Start your day off in Yosemite at Mariposa Grove near the South entrance. The shortest hike takes 2 hours to but the Giant Sequoias are worth it.
Take Wawona Road (Hwy 41) to the famous Tunnel View, made famous by Ansel Adams. The parking lot is immediately left of the tunnel opening.
The viewpoint gives you a lay of the land with El Capitan, Half Dome, and Bridalveil Falls all in your range of sight. Take pictures!
Even though Bridalveil Falls flows yearround, by November, you’ll see the waterflow is but a trickle. However, the fall foliage frames it nicely.
Half Dome is a Yosemite icon. The 16-mile hike takes about 12 hours roundtrip and you will need a permit. Hiking is closed by November.
You can’t miss El Capitan, a mecca for rock climbers and the granite monolith that captivated viewers in the award-winning documentary “Free Solo.”
Yosemite rules: even in the fall time, keep your food sealed and away from bears, don’t step on precious flora, and bring car chains in case of snow.
Yosemite Falls is the tallest waterfall in all of Yosemite Park, fed by melted snow. See the full rush of water in May and June before it dries up.
With Yosemite Falls being dry, you can walk upstream on the riverbed for a semi-grueling, but fun, climb over the massive boulders. It’s slippery!
If you’re looking for souvenirs, check out Out West in Bass Lake for a great offering of adventure-inspired gear. #shopsmall
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