How Daisy Troop 5400 Sparkled Their Sales
Amelia wrote thank you messages on paper bags and decorated them to deliver a pretty package of cookies.
The girls decided to use proceeds to purchase gifts for Children’s Mercy. We made a vision board of our goals to display at our sales. Goal is 1800.
Purchased bags and put“thank you” stickers on them. They’d place the cookies in the bags and set them down and the customer picked them up.
We showed up. And worked together.
Held signs, and even danced
Jumped for joy when we surpassed our goal!
We purchased 190 items to take to Children’s Mercy! First load just came in. ❤️❤️
Some of the items we are donating to Children’s Mercy Hospital. The girls are thrilled to have sold over 2,000 boxes of cookies.
Thank you for helping us have a very successful 2021 cookie 🍪 season!
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