How Do Artists Represent & Celebrate Our Strengths?
Hi! I’m Miss Amanda! I’m your visiting Artist! We’re going to be working together on a special project! All good projects start with a plan.
What you'll need
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Pencil Or Pen
Planning Template
Character Traits Resource
Image Resource Page
I’m going to design a picture to represent my personal strengths. Follow along to understand how, so you can make your own!
What are my strengths?! I’m reviewing this resource to help me pick out the words that I connect with.
I’m going to write the words(s) I like on my template. Try to pick 1 or 2 but not more than 3. ;)
I’m going to think about what images or pictures I can draw for those words.
I will make notes for myself.
Next I’m drawing a draft of my ideas on the template. It’s normal to make mistakes! That’s how I learn and improve.
The first drawing is fine, but I want it to be clear what my strengths are. So, I’m going to challenge myself to make another draft.
I want a bird, but I think I should use a resource to make the drawing better. And maybe I don’t need the nest. I’ll edit it out.
Use a resource for a better drawing. I used a picture to look at. Sometimes I use a picture to trace.
I’m reviewing my work. I’m going to draw it one more time for a final draft.
I’m marking my improvements on this draft. So I can draw it one final time!
Once I mark up the draft, I can use it to trace the details for the final drawing.
Keep it simple!The focus of the picture is about character strengths.
Have fun! The more you practice the better you get!
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