How I Made This Easy Floral Bunny Wall Decor For Spring
I had saved this plastic Bunny shaped container for chocolates.
An idea came to me to use this floral contact/ Cricut paper with it.
This paper bunny shape inside the plastic container really helped make this project easy.
I traced the Bunny shape on the backside of my Cricut vinyl with a pencil.
Then I carefully cut it out with scissors.
I attached the Bunny shape to the inside of the plastic box with small pieces of clear tape.
Then I hung it on a nail. Isn't it pretty?
The lid of the clear acrylic Bunny Box gives it dimension AND makes it easy to hang! And I still have the other half to use for another project!
I used this to decorate my coffee/tea station for Spring. I will show you that in another Jumprope video later.
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