How I Saved Money To Travel Full Time
I traveled full-time for one and a half years in Asia with a budget of about $1500-$2000 per month
Travel doesn’t have to be expensive. Southeast Asia is one of the cheapest destinations
I worked in advertising and I saved every dollar I could
I started cooking my meals and gave up eating out. Healthy food, less expensive. Win-Win!
I stopped buying clothes
During my travels, I only had a few clothes and 3 pairs of shoes. Backpacking is awesome!
I stopped spending money on things I couldn’t take with me in my journey
I stopped going out. No movies, no parties. I was determined to save as much money as possible!
I realized that every dollar saved will buy me a priceless experience in Asia
I set a budget of $50 for each day of travel. I tried to find food & accommodation in this budget
I didn’t plan a fixed itinerary. I always chose my next destination based on the lowest prices.
I researched for free activities and museums in every destination I visited.
I chose guest houses over hotels, buses over airplanes and street food over fancy restaurants
And that’s how I managed to travel full-time for 1 and a half years using only my savings
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