How I’ve Seen 36 Countries On A BUDGET!
As a student & young professional I made sure my small budget didn’t keep me from seeing the world.
Depending if you have a specific place in mind or will travel to anywhere with the right price tag..
1 MUST use Skyscanner on incognito mode to search for tickets. That way prices won’t spike if
you come back later. Sort by dates/location. My best trips have been random locations w/ a low price
Before you start booking, make a list of all recommendations. It’s helpful to see all possibilities.
Your list might look something like this. Pull ideas from friends, family, travel blogs & articles.
Once you decide what you want to do, research which have a student or young person discount.
Most museums will offer a 26 and under discount or free entrance. Don’t pay if you don’t have to!
When booking sleeping arrangements, use AirBnB. It’s safe, affordable & a great way to connect...
with locals! I stayed in this 600+ year old Irish castle for under $100.
Food doesn’t always have to be expensive. Choose 1 nice restaurant and eat at local spots otherwise
Research local spots ahead of time so you don’t choose a spot just because you’re hungry.
To me, experiences have always been more important. Skip the tacky souvenir & opt for a tour!
Plan wisely & get out there! The world is a beautiful place & can be seen no matter the budget.
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