How to adapt Downward Facing Dog to your body!
If the traditional downward facing dog doesn't feel good in your body, try one of the next variations!
You will need 2 blocks and a chair
Option 1: seat on the edge of the chair, walk your arms forward lengthening the spine, and press the hands into the blocks!
Option 2: use a chair! Bring the hands to the sides of the seat, and push the chair away lengthening the spine
Option 3: in your tabletop position push the mat away and rock back and forth. You are still building arm strength, only in a more accessible way!
Option 4: use blocks under your hands to release the pressure from the wrists and to create a new relationship with gravity!
Always choose the variation that works for your body! And use your props! They don't make it less yoga
Don't forget to share these variations!
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