How To Age A Mirror And Create A Ornate Frame
Vintage mirror. Let’s clean it up and give it a makeover.
Remove old wood backing that was broken and secure the mirror to the frame.
Add brackets to the edges to secure the old wood frame.
Plan out WoodUBend pieces for added detail. WoodUBend is available from the Dixie Belle Paint page.
Use Citristrip to remove the dark backing from the back side of the mirror. This dark surface is like a paint. Stripping the paint takes it off.
Apply with a chip brush. Wait 5/7 minutes. Then check if the black backing is coming up. This will reveal the silver.
If the backing is coming off - remove the stripper with a plastic spatula and paper towel.
This is what it will look like. The silver film remains. We want to age this part.
Using bleach in a spray bottle I applied liberally to the silver to age the mirror. The bleach eats the silver. Leaving a aged effect.
Spray. Wait 5 minutes and wipe the silver off. I was a little heavy handed on the corner to remove the drips.
See the glass? It becomes see through. This is where I will add vintage book paper. This makes a aged vintage look to the glass.
Paint the glass black. I used Midnight Sky. Then I removed some paint for the pages to peek through.
This is what I was left with. I want a spooky aged vibe to the glass.
Vintage book pages.
Lay them out and tape them down. Or you could decoupage.
Staple on a new backing. I used a staple gun to secure.
Flip the mirror over. This is the look I was going for.
Let’s paint the frame with Gemstone Mousse in Golden Gem. This is a zero VOC water based product with high pigment. I also painted the WoodUBend.
I applied the WoodUBend Mouldings to the corners and top. WoodUBend are bendable and paintable! Heat the back, add wood glue and apply. They bend!
They are a great way to dress up the mirror.
WoodUBend mouldings are a amazing way to change the look of a item.
Add some Best Dang Wax in Black to age the frame. Apply and wipe back. This is a water based wax.
Using my French Tip brush. This is a natural bristle brush that is great for detail work.
From trash to treasure! Amazing vintage makeover.
I love how this turned out. Old looking and unique.
WoodUBend & Dixie Belle paint products.
What you'll need
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White Lightning
Wood Glue
Best Dang Wax
Gemstone Mousse
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