How To: At-home Keratin Treatment
We’re going to use the Peter Coppola Legacy Keratin Kit, available on Amazon
Today I’m touching up on the front half which is curliest, you may want to treat all your hair.
Begin by washing your hair with the clarifying shampoo in the kit.
Towel dry completely
Empty some of the treatment product into the plastic bowl
Apply the product using a brush onto about 1 inch sections
You should prob wear gloves while doing this 😁
Using the included guide, spin to choose your hair type and instructions for processing
Every 5 minutes, brush the existing product throw your hair with a comb
Rinse for 3-5 minutes, and then blow dry 100%
Last step: straighten your hair, using the instruction card for heat and passing recommendations
Smooth flyaways with a light hair oil. My hair is already so shiny & will air dry easily tomorrow!
What you'll need
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Peter Coppola Legacy Keratin Kit
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