How to Build a Savory Winter Charcuterie Board!
Have you ever wondered how to make the perfect holiday charcuterie platter? Follow my step-by-step process!
You will need a few cheeses, herbs, pickled vegetables, a couple of types of cured meats, chocolate, nuts, and fresh & dried fruits
Add bold flavors with Dijon mustard & cranberry sauce in small bowls! Fig jam, cherry jam or aged balsamic vinegar works too!
Reserve a large platter and place your two cheese choices. Next, add the 1-2 small bowls of condiments, follow by laying out your meats!
Think of making a luscious and overflowing platter! The more, the better! Start to place dried fruits, nuts, & fresh herbs in the blank spaces.
Aim to create an almost overflowing charcuterie plate! Perfect as a tempting appetizer for the holidays, or an easy supper! Just add crusty bread!
The best charcuterie boards are a balance between salty meats, rich cheeses, sweet fruits & chocolate, pickled veggies, & sweet/savory spreads! 
Enjoy at Christmas or for New Year’s Eve! Don’t forget the cocktails (tap the link!)!
1 wedge
Manchego Cheese
1 wedge
Italian artigano
4 ounces
8 strips
Thick Bacon Slices
4 ounces
2 links
Smoked Beef Sausage
1/3 cup
Dried Apricots
1 1-2 cup
Dried Fruits (various)
1/3 cup
Raw Pecan Halves
3 tablespoons
Dijon Mustard
1/2 cup
Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce
Fresh Rosemary, 3 Sprigs
Dark Chocolate Squares
Sourdough Bread
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