How to Care For A Basil Plant Indoors
Basil is a herb that is native to central Africa and southeast Asia but can be grown in homes around the world!
Basil plants need to live in a pot with drainage holes. You can keep it in a plastic garden container or a terracotta pot.
If replanting, choose a pot that is about 6" tall so the roots can grow to their maximum and the plant will get as tall as it can be. Mine was 5"
Use a high quality potting soil that is also well draining. Miracle Grow soil works fine!
Place your basil plant on a south or west facing windowsill. It needs at least 6 hours of bright sun a day. They love the sun!
Basil needs frequent waterings, about twice a week. Water when the top layer of soil is dry and the bottom layer is still slightly danp.
Rotate the pot once a week so the stems grow straight up.
If you have just repotted, water from the top. Once the roots grow, only water from the bottom.
Pinch tips to promote new growth so you can get a bigger plant with more branches!
Harvest basil when the plant is at least 6 inches tall. Snip a strand off 1/4" above where 2 leaves are located below.
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