How To Change Colors In Single Crochet
2 colors
Any Weight Yarn
Compatible Hook Size For Your Yarn
Start your single crochet like normal: insert your hook, yo + pull up a loop, but stop there.
Drop the first color, pulling it toward you (this helps to prevent tangling).
In the new color yo + pull through to finish the sc.
Pull gently on the first color to tighten the stitch.
Lay both colors of yarn across the top of your stitches. You’ll crochet over them.
Insert hook into st and work a sc. Crochet over both yarn tails to secure.
To switch colors again, start the sc, before the last move, drop the color & pick up the next color to finish the stitch.
You can also let the yarn “float” on the inside, instead of crocheting over it. Just pull it across the back, not too tightly.
Tip: Roll a bobbin of yarn for each color change to keep yarn from tangling.
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