How To Change Colors In Tunisian Crochet
Before getting started, you will need to be familiar with the basics of Tunisan Crochet, and know how to crochet the Tunisian Simple Stitch (Tss).
To learn how to change colors in Tunisian Crochet, we will crochet this small swatch.
We will use this chart to keep track of when to make each color change. Each row will have 10 sts (incl. the first loop on hook). Let's get started!
Abbreviations (U.S. terms)
FOUNDATION ROW: With Color 1 (C1) ch 10. Work 1 Tss into the back bump of each chain. [10 loops on hook]. Work Return Pass (RetP) to complete row.
On Row 2, you will change to Color 2 (C2) for the last 2 sts.
ROW 2 Forward Pass (FwP): Tss 7. Insert hook into next vertical bar, yarn over C2 and pull up a loop. Color change made. Work end st with C2.
ROW 2 RetP: Yarn over C2 and pull through. Work RetP with C2 until one C2 loop remains.
ROW 2 RetP cont'd: At the back of your work, pull C2 strand to the right. Pinch base of C2 loop tightly, yarn over C1 and pull through 2 loops.
ROW 2 RetP cont'd: Complete RetP with C1.
Row 3 will follow the same steps as Row 2, but you will change to C2 for the last 3 sts of the row.
ROW 3 FwP: Tss 6, change to C2 for next 2 sts (and end st).
ROW 3 RETP: Work RetP until one C2 loop remains. Keep C2 to the right and change back to C1. Complete RetP with C1.
ROW 4: Tss 5. Change to C2, Tss to end. RetP as per ROW 2.
ROWS 5-8: Following the chart, work remaining rows until 2 loops remain on hook (at end of ROW 8).
Row 9 is worked with C2 only, so you will change BACK to C2 on the last step of Row 8.
On final step of RetP yarn over C2 and pull through final 2 loops. Color change made.
ROW 9: Work full row with C2.
Work bind off row. Starting in the second vertical bar, insert hook into bar, yarn over and pull through 2 loops. Repeat in each st across.
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