How To Clean All Your Makeup Brushes And Sponges
Gather brushes of the same type/size into a basket and rinse with warm water.
Mix water and Castile soap into a bottle then shake and spray onto the hairs of the brushes.
As the brushes soak in the soap, prepare your brush washing mat. Rub the brushes onto the grooves of the mat to throughly wash the bristles.
Make sure you rinse your sponge and massage the soap into the sponge. Try squeezing out as much product you can out of the sponge (rinse and repeat).
Repeat the steps with your larger brushes. Rinse brushes , add soap, soak, rub, then rinse until the water draining from the bristles are clear.
Get a towel and place it in a box, and have all your brushes dry slanted or downwards so the water can drain from the bristles out onto the towel.
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