How To Correctly Press An Appliqué Quilt Block
Lay a soft towel down over your hard pressing surface.
Next, lay a soft (preferably White) t-shirt on top of the towel and smooth out any wrinkles.
Grab your completed English Country Garden appliqué block.
You’ll also need a steam iron. Set it to Cotton setting with water in and the steam turned ON
Place your appliqué block RIGHT side down on top of the pressing surface.
Starting in the centre, gently press your block out towards to the edge of the block.
DO NOT move your iron back and forth over the block in case you press a wrinkle into it! ALWAYS press from the centre outwards.
Gently peel your block back and place right side up. Admire your lovely raised appliqué with no wrinkles or shiny spots! 👍🏻
The raised appearance of the appliqué has been preserved!
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