How To Cover Eyebrows For Drag/Creative Makeup
Use Elmer’s purple disappearing glue stick (must be this one) and rub all over eyebrow to coat hairs
Use a clean disposable mascara wand to brush in the direction of the hairs (use some force) to lay hairs down
After it dries, lightly apply glue again (only in the direction of how the hair is already laying)
Brush very lightly through & gently rub away glue that has peeled off on the skin. Repeat steps 3 & 4 again it hairs are still sticking out
After the glue dries, use a dry sponge and pack on setting powder (brush off excess very lightly)
Optional: color correct with dark peach/orange if your hair is dark (still using dry sponge)
Generously apply full coverage concealer with a dry sponge
Apply foundation as you would normally all over face & over covered brow - DONE!
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