How To Create A DIY Archway Anywhere In Your Home
Mark the width of your arch and the length of the longest side. Ours was a 43.25”x 10” rectangle before cutting the arch.
Give at least an inch clearance on each side. You don’t want to use the edge because you’ll need a nail there when drawing the arch.
Mark where you want the middle and how far down you want the center of the arch. We made ours 5”
Hammer a nail in each corner and at the top of where the arch will be plus one at one other corner.
Place two flat boards aligned with your nails - one horizontal with the middle and side nail - and one diagonal with the middle and far edge nail.
Hot glue or nail the two thin pieces together. You want to make sure it is touching all three nails before securing them together.
It’s better to use flatter boards & hot glue, but this is what I had. Since they were thicker we actually used two nails to make sure they didn’t move
With your pencil in the crook & keeping in contact with the diagonal nails, move your pencil and the flat boards to create a perfect arch.
Repeat on the other side. It’s helpful to have someone guide the boards as you move them along
Last step is to use your jigsaw right over the arch line you drew to cut it out!
Checking it out before we put the final touches! What do you think?
What you'll need
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