How To Create Your First Jumprope
Let’s walk through creating your first Jumprope!
Jumprope helps break your video down so its engaging and easy to follow. Each card has a photo/video and a short description.
Shoot your content right in the app or upload photos or videos. If you upload a long video you can clip it into steps.
Preview your Jumprope in any format as you create. You just have to create once and you can share your Jumprope to any social media platform.
Just tap the center of the card to add or remove numbers. You can have as many cards as you want and each card can record up to 60 seconds of video.
We’ve put simple but powerful editing tools at your fingertips like speed, trim, filters and voiceover.
Make your content match your personal brand and style by picking colors, fonts and animations. You can even enter your own hex codes.
Choose from over 100 songs created just for Jumprope to give your content background music or upload your own.
Make your content shoppable by tagging products used in your Jumprope. We have photos for many common products and you can use affiliate links.
Before you publish your Jumprope, add tags to help your content get discovered. Choose from suggested tags or add your own.
Hit publish to share your Jumprope to our platform. You will also get versions of your Jumprope you can share to your social media platforms.
Thanks so much for watching! Remember to check out the Jumprope Tips section. Questions? Message us on the app or DM us on Instagram @letsjumprope.
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