How To Cut Stone Tiles & Make Marble Planters
Let’s make marble stone tile planters!
Use an orbital sander with a 400 grit paper to sand down the edges & surfaces of the the tiles.
Fill the reservior of the tile saw with water & use it just like a table saw.
Make the first planter with 12x12 inches tiles & cut them down to strips that are 3.75 inches wide.
Glue the tile pieces together with construction adhesive.
Use C-clamps to hold tile together & make sure to not screw it to tight. Use stick to seal adhesive.
Let the planter sit overnight before removing the clamps.
For the 2nd planter, use white marble tiles that are 12x24 inches & cut the tiles into long strips.
Use rubber bands to hold tiles together & use construction adhesive with a stick to secure planter.
Let the planter sit overnight & use the drum sander on drill to smooth cut edges of tiles.
Put a thin layer of gravel before putting in soil & plants in planters.
Here is the final product, good luck making your own marble planter!
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