How To Do A One Foot Glide On Ice Skates
First start by marching. This will progress into stroking but we are starting with the easiest way to get moving.
Next practice your two foot glide. Starting with marching then staying still and trying to glide on two feet.
When you get the hang of 2 foot glides, practice the weight transfer of a one foot glide at the wall.
When doing this we want to make sure our entire body is aligned over our skating foot.
We don’t want to be tipping too far to the outside of our blade.
And we also don’t want to tip too far to the inside of our blade. We want everything aligned.
When you feel comfortable, you can try it moving. Start with marching and a 2 foot glide, then slowly pick up one foot when you’re ready.
If you are having trouble keeping your glide straight, you can find a line on the ice to guide you in a straight line.
We also really want to focus on leg position. We don’t want to have a flamingo leg like this.
And we don’t want our leg too far out to the side because it will pull us off balance. We want our feet nice and close like shown in earlier videos.
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