How To Do An Ina Bauer On Roller Skates
Practice doing a side surf first: moving forward with your toes pointed outward
Skate forward first, then open hips up and lift or go on heels of the back foot to get into the positions
For the Ina Bauer it's similar in terms of getting into the position, but instead of being parallel the back foot goes back further
The back foot goes on two wheels, and the leading foot directs the flow and goes into a slight inner edge
Next step, bending the back, you can choose to use your arms to enhance the movements
This is the position - put weight on the guiding foot and use it to balance you as you bend backwards. This will ensure you don't fall backwards
If you're feeling more confident bend further back and catch a glimpse of what's behind you!
You can also use Ina Bauers as transitions to moves such as jumps!
Be safe & don't forget to wear protective gear, take it slowly and these are just recommendations!
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