How To Do Backflip On Trampoline
Practise jumping straight up. Bounce lightly before take off with arms up, and press your foot on trampoline for the final jump.
Next, jump up with arm swing for additional height.
Now, after take off tuck your knees when jumping. Pay attention to jump straight up to avoid rotation on your back.
Combine previous steps but jump a bit backward to fall into foam pit. Allow a bit of rotation to land on your back.
After swing and knee tuck grab your knees for tighther tuck. Repeat until you feel comfortable to progress further.
Combine jump swing and tuck for full backflip. After 180 degrees of rotation try to spot your landing.
You can try first to jump into foam pit until feeling comfortable to move it to the net.
Be 100% confident when before progressing. Never cancel element mid air.
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