How To Do Skipping Jump Lunges!💪🏻
Hi! Today this jumprope will show you how to complete skipping jump lunges 😃 Instagram: @miajumprope
This is what a skipping lunge jump looks like😎 Let’s break it down ➡️
Slow motion of the lunge jumps😃 swipe to learn more‼️
Get use to being in the lunge position & practce on both legs. Aim to stay upright with your forward knee at a 90 degree angle
This is a breakdown photo of a lunge position. Keep your back leg bent inline with the front👍🏻
Next let’s add the side swings! The side swings is what you perform with the skipping rope to jump the lunge💯
This is a slow motion clip for the side swing. Keep wrists close. Swing one wrist across your body & then bring your other back across👌
Another drill to get use to the side swing movement & lunge is this exercise. Swing the rope side to side in a lunge position ⚡️💪🏻
What to avoid!❌ try not to have your hips moving to much. Keep your core engaged to stop unnecessary hip movement which can make you off balance.
Avoid!!❌ try not to have your knee leaning over your toes. This could strain your knees.
Another angle of what to avoid:❌ hips moving side to side to much. Core not engaged.
Front view of final move😁 once you feel comfortable practice taking it slow and completing the full move.
Once you feel happy with the move, you can add it into your skipping combos like this! Hope you enjoyed this! Thankyou!!😎🙌🏻 - instagram; @miajumprope
Skipping Rope
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