How To Do The Blanket Stitch For Embroidery & Appliqué
The blanket stitch is my favorite outline stitch for attaching patches or two layers of fabric.
Draw two guidelines to determine the width of your stitch. Use an embroidery marker or pencil.
Come up from the back on your bottom guideline.
Stitch diagonally forward to your top guideline, anchoring the floss w/ your other hand.
Come up on the bottom guide through the loop you were anchoring.
I like to finesse the stitch a bit to get a right angle.
Here’s one blanket stitch all the way through.
Repeat the stitch as long as you’d like, trying to keep stitch length & width even.
This is a great stitch for attaching two layers of fabric & creating a border! Knot floss at the end or weave through a few stitches in the back.
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