How To Do The Boxer Step Skipping Footwork👟
This is what the basic boxer step footwork for skipping looks like👍🏻
Slow motion clip of the boxer step. I am shifting my weight from one foot to the other 👟
Let’s take a closer look. You can see here a zoomed in video of the footwork 👌
Slow motion clip. I am bouncing from one foot to the other and staying light on my feet 👍🏻
Side view: notice my forearms pushing down, elbows in & light on my feet🙌🏻
Begin with practicing jumping from one foot to the other. Aim to stay jumping on your toes👊🏼
Once you feel comfortable with the footwork, add in the arm rotations. This will be the next part.
Wrist movement - try to keep elbows in, neck at a neutral position, push down with your forearms 😎
Side view: light on my feet, head at a neutral position facing forward, arms rotating 👌
AVOID!❌ - landing on heels, arms being to wide, look down at the ground, leaning over to much👎🏻
What you’ll need: A mat, workout or yoga mat, skipping rope, and some comfy trainers 😃
What you'll need
Rush Athletics Workout Mat
Skipping Rope From Argos!
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