How To Do The Walk-N-Slide On Roller Skates
The Walk-N-Slide is a dance skate move that went viral in 2020 on instagram by roller skater Oumi Janta.
Slide your back leg to the front on your toes, while sliding your front leg to the back on all four wheels. And then switch your legs.
After the switch, you do the same thing on the other side. Slide front on your toes, slide back on all wheels. And switch.
And repeat. Slide. Switch. Slide. Switch.
Practice the switch separately.
When you do the switch, you shift your weight to your front leg
Practice sliding your foot to the back and front on your front wheels to get used to the feeling
Practice standing on your toes and sliding to gain more control, strength and balance
Start very slow to get it right
You can make variations in speed and the length of your slides
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