How to Draw Snowflakes on a Cozy Mug
Gather your supplies.
Think about the shape of your mug. Sketch it in pencil. Then trace over it with a calligraphy pen.
Draw some steam. Leave skipped spots as you trace the steam to help it look light and moving.
Write cozy across the mug in calligraphy or your favorite lettering style. Let it dry completely.
The first watercolor layer will be light and loose. Paint over the mug with water containing a hint of blue.
Tap in a tiny bit more gray and blue if you think it needs some. Keep it light.
Paint the steam a light gray.
When it dries, it's time for a second layer. This layer will be darker and tighter. Start with gray at the lip of the mug.
Next paint diagonally with your favorite blue. As you paint down the mug, add only water to your brush. It will paint lighter and lighter.
Tap in more color while it's still wet and paint a fade on the handle too.
Let it dry completely. Think about how you want to draw snowflakes.
Use a white gelly roll pen to draw snowflakes on the dark blue areas.
Paint a gray area under the mug to add dimension. Tap a little blue into it to pull the colors together.
If your cozy lettering is now too dark, outline some areas with your white pen.
And you're finished.
Want another fun tutorial? Try warming up with beach thoughts as you draw a sand castle.
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