How to Dry Brine a Turkey
You can dry brine a whole turkey or a spatchcocked one. This tutorial shows a spatchcocked turkey.
Dry your turkey off with paper towels to ensure the salt will stick.
Lift the skin up and insert your finger to separate it from the meat, all the way down both breasts.
Do the same with both thighs & legs, getting as far down as you can.
Pinch the kosher salt with your fingers & rub it under the skin on the meat. Repeat until covered.
Do the same with the thighs and legs, until you have just a couple teaspoons of kosher salt left.
Sprinkle a teaspoon or two of salt over the skin & rub it in with your hands. Flip the turkey over.
Dab any excess moisture off the inside of the bird with a paper towel.
Sprinkle the last bit of salt on the inside of the bird and rub it in.
Move your turkey onto a wire rack in a sheet pan covered with foil.
Flip your turkey over & tuck the wings under the breasts. Store in fridge for 24-72 hours uncovered.
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