How To Easily Make A Twist Cord
Cut yarn strips to desired length plus 1/3. In this sample I used 2 strands each of 4 colors of yarn for a total of 8 strands.
Tie one end in a knot and secure in place with a heavy object. This helps hold the strands of yarn in place while we create the twist.
Separate the yarn into sections of 2, 3 or 4 even groups. Optional: you can separate the strands of yarn by color as I am doing.
Twist one section of yarn turning it clockwise. Keep twisting until it curls around itself.
Repeat with each section of yarn, twisting in the same clockwise direction. Each section MUST be twisted in the same direction.
After all sections are twisted, hold loose ends together. Pull strands to equal lengths. Release the secured end allowing them to twist together.
You may need to help it twist evenly. I had to pull the white section a little tighter to help remove a gap. Secure the loose ends with a knot.
Thank you for watching.
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