How To Embroider The Running Stitch For Beginners
This is the embroidered running stitch. It’s easy for beginners and great for straight lines or curves. Let’s get started!
You can start by knotting your embroidery floss, or follow my earlier Jumprope about how to begin embroidery without a knot.
Come up through the back of your fabric.
Move ahead one stitch length then go back down. Stitches can be any length you want, mine are about 1/8”.
Come up through the fabric, skipping one stitch length.
Again move forward one stitch length and go back through the fabric.
Try to keep stitch lengths even. You’ll need smaller stitches for curves, but can use any length for straight lines.
Repeat the stitch until you’ve finished your design! After the last stitch weave your floss through a few stitches in the back & cut off excess.
Fabric w/out A Ton Of Stretch (cotton, felt, etc)
6 Strand Embroidery Floss
Embroidery Needle
Embroidery Hoop
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