How to Enjoy Malasana (Yogi Squat) With variations!
Get your props! A chair, a blanket and 2 blocks
Option 1: seat on the chair, separate the knees and use the blocks to elevate the feet. Lengthen the spine & press elbows against knees and vice versa
You can also try this variation one leg at a time if for any reason the sensations are too intense
Option 2: build a seat using your blocks! Use as many as needed. Stand wide and with control seat on the blocks.
Option 3: use a blanket under the heels to create elevation and support. Stand wide, then with control come all the way down, keep the spine long
Option 4: traditional Malasana without the props. Make sure you are lengthening the spine and pressing elbows against the knees and vice versa
Props help you during your practice! Choose the variation that feels amazing in the body you have today!
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