How To Etch Glass With Vinyl Stencil
What you'll need
Glass Mug, Plate, Or Vase
Armor Etch
Popsicle Stick
Baby Wipes
Nitrile Gloves
Weeding Tool
Vinyl Stencil
Transfer Tape
Create the stencil out of vinyl. It can only be one color/ layer.
Cut your stencil out of permanent vinyl. The vinyl can be any color.
Leave extra vinyl around the design when you cut it out. Reverse weed the stencil.
Add transfer tape to stencil and burnish with a squeegee. Apply to the glass where you want to etch.
“Paint” the etching cream evenly over the stencil. Let cream sit for 20 minutes to etch.
Wipe the etching cream off the glass with a baby wipe. Remove the vinyl stencil.
Give your design one final wipe with a baby wipe. Wash before giving it as a gift. Now you’re done!
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