How To Faux “Crop” A Bulky Tee
Get a thin belt that fits the area above your natural waist
Determine where you would like the shirt to “crop” and therefore the belt placement
Adjust the tee so that there is only one layer of fabric on top of your waist
Fasten the belt, tuck in the end, and drape the rest of the tee over
Pull up on the fabric so that the belt and hem are fully covered and the “cropped” hem is straight
For a shorter “crop,” adjust the placement of the belt. The higher the belt, the shorter the tee will end up appearing
Ensure the back of the tee is also hidden underneath the fold of the tee
Straighten out the “hem” and check that the tee is properly secured all the way around your waist
Enjoy your cute “cropped” tee!
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