How to Find Your Skin’s Undertone
Knowing your undertone is very important for purchasing the right shades of makeup!
There are three undertones that beauty products use to help you pick shades that best match your skin: cool, warm, and neutral.
Here are some easy at-home tricks to determine your skin’s undertone, demonstrated by me (neutral) and my sister (warm).
Gold v. Silver Jewelry
Silver jewelry tends to look better on those with cool or neutral undertones
Gold jewelry tends to look better on those with warm or neutral undertones
Piece of White Paper
You can more easily see the undertone of your skin when comparing it to a stark white piece of paper!
Color of Veins
Those with veins that appear olive green have warm undertones, and those with veins that appear more blue have cool or neutral undertones
If you tan easily, you have a warm undertone. If you burn easily, you may have a cool undertone. If you burn then tan, you have a neutral undertone
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