How To Get The Perfect Afro Puff
Let’s get straight into how to prepare your Afro puff, first assess what your hair needs, whether is water or product to refresh your curls.
I like to separate and fluff my hair before I put it in a puff, using my hands and shaking it out instead of using a comb reduces a lot of frizz
I apply a little gel to the front, back and sides of my hair to help slicking it up, but don’t apply too much as you don’t want product build up.
After applying your gel, brush in the rest of the product in the direction you want your puff to go.
Instead of using an elastic band I like to use a similar texture strand of hair, I wrap from the back and cross it over in the front
Pull it till you get it to your desired tightness and position it to where you would like it to lay.
Use a little edge control on your edges, pull the mm away from the rest of the of the puff.
Use an edge brush or a comb to swoop your edges how you like them to lay.
Apply a silk scarf tightly on top of your edges, I also like to spray a little hair spray before I set the edges with a scarf.
To get extra volume on your puff, pick out your hair with a comb.
And there we go, the perfect Afro puff in a few easy steps.
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