How To Glue Down/Cover Your Brows
Use a WASHABLE glue stick and swirl it around eyebrow, coating all the hairs
Take a clean spoolie and then press those hairs upwards. You want to get them flat on your skin.
Once it's dried, do another coat! All other costs only go upwards with the glue stick.
Take a q-tip lightly wet it. And blend away some of the glue that is on your skin.
Once dry apply another coat. I apply 4-5 coats. It's important to make sure each layer dries completely before the next.
Set with translucent powder.
I color correct my brows not everyone does. Using a red lipstick to help hide the darkness of the brow. Just pat it on.
Then place a FULL coverage concealer. (shape tape, fenty concealer, born this way concealer)
Blend concealer out lightly then set with powder again.
Now your ready for the rest of your creative makeup. Follow me for more beauty tips and tutorials
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